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RMV Publications Ltd has produced timely, helpful and interesting publications for Canadian Rocky Mountain travellers since 1979, many published under the trade name Where Canadian Rockies. This website will give you insights regarding our magazines, maps, dining guides and websites, as well as our contract publishing and brochure distribution services.



RMV Publications Ltd provides essential information for travellers visiting (or planning to visit) the Canadian Rockies. Our products primarily service the Alberta Rockies including Banff, Canmore, Jasper, Kananaskis and Lake Louise. We also serve the BC Rockies including Cranbrook, Golden, Fernie, Kimberley, Invermere and Radium.

We own franchise rights to publish using the title Where Canadian Rockies. RMV also produces publications and websites with it's own trade names and on a contract basis for third parties. Our IMPACT! Brochure Systems division warehouses, distributes and racks RMV publications plus tourism brochures owned by others.

RMV's principal goal is to enhance vacation experiences by publishing current, reliable and insightful visitor information that is widely accessible in print as well as online through a variety of electronic devices. We cover both mainstream and 'insider' perspectives through a lively mix of feature stories, 'hot tips', detail-rich listings and exceptional photography on topics that include:

  • Attractions
  • Shops
  • Nightlife
  • Museums
  • Galleries
  • Entertainment
  • Tours
  • Adventures
  • Restaurants
  • Events

By encouraging the interaction of mountain travellers with their destination, and by adhering to high standards of writing, design and customer service, RMV contributes to the communities we serve by:

  • Being a catalyst to increase Canadian Rockies tourism
  • Increasing revenues of our advertisers and the other businesses and not-for-profit organizations we cover
  • Helping travelers have fun, enriching vacations.



Visitor Magazines

Almost 35 years of industry leadership in the field of travel publications allows RMV Publications Ltd to:

  • Create compelling mainstream and 'insider' content
  • Provide quality reader experiences that enhance vacations
  • Have large press runs and professional distribution protocols
  • Supplement print programs with digital enhancements
  • Effectively serve the needs of Canadian Rockies travellers, advertisers and communities

We hope that our visitor magazines will help tourists enhance their experience in the Canadian Rockies. We make our magazines easily accessible, attractively presented, and our products graphically superior. We serve many audiences, but since our major stakeholders are our readers, we strive to create the best product possible for them every time.

Where Magazines

Where Magazine

Summer Distribution: 250,000 copies | Winter Distribution: 140,000 copies | 858,000 readers annually.


Where Canadian Rockies magazine is RMV's signature publication. This title benefits from its trusted brand name that has been associated with quality visitor magazines since 1936. Currently, our edition is one of 45 Where magazines produced for travel destinations in Canada, US, Europe and Asia.

Published twice a year, Where Canadian Rockies has an editorial well of feature articles upfront, and an eight page maps anchor. Sections for Banff & Area (including Canmore, Lake Louise and Kananakis) and Jasper & Area (including Hinton) each have information on Sightseeing, Entertainment, Museums & Galleries, Tours & Adventures, Spas & Wellness, Travel Essentials, Lodging, Shopping and Dining. Readers appreciate our lively mix of articles, 'hot' pages, sidebars, detail-rich listings and photography.

The magazine maintains a high standard of writing, is printed in full color on glossy stock and is perfect bound. Yet, it has advertisement rates that are among the lowest of all Canadian consumer magazines on a cost per thousand (CPM) basis.

Where Canadian Rockies is comprehensively and continually circulated throughout the Alberta Rockies at hotels (lobbies and in-room), B&Bs, information centres, attractions, car rental agencies, stores and restaurants. It is also distributed at mountain 'gateways' that include Calgary and Edmonton airports, hotel front desks, and car and motorhome rental agencies. Western Canada motor association offices, Travel Alberta and other information centres, ski shops and Rocky Mountaineer trains are also served.

Over 800 outlets distribute Where Canadian Rockies. The magazine is also circulated as a digital edition.

// Summer 2015 Where Magazine      // Winter 2015/16 Where Magazine

Dining Guides

Dining Guides

Banff edition 75,000 copies | Canmore edition 45,000 copies | Jasper edition 45,000 copies

RMV Publications Ltd produces these "tempting selections of favourite restaurants" annually and in full color on 80 pound glossy stock.

All restaurants in our Dining Guides are represented on consistently formatted pages that include descriptions, menu samples, price ranges and contact details plus logos and photography. The presentation is clean and classy, and the writing (by RMV editors) is more informational than promotional. Readers can easily compare restaurants and make informed where-to-dine decisions that correspond to their preferences.

RMV's Dining Guides are continually circulated on a within their respective communities (and beyond, to a lesser extent) at hotels, information centres, attractions, car rental agencies, shops and restaurants.

The Dining Guides are also available online. Our popular websites are top Google search picks and include links, ratings and reviews. Mobile device users can quickly connect by scanning QR Codes found on each page in the printed Guides.

// Banff Dining Guide      // Canmore Dining Guide      // Jasper Dining Guide

Folding Maps

Folding Maps

Banff edition 250,000 copies | Canmore edition 140,000 copies | BC Rockies edition 140,000 copies | Jasper edition 125,000 copies

RMV Publications Ltd has long been a leading producer of Canadian Rockies maps. Tourism bureaus, local businesses and event organizers use our maps (many with custom embellishments) in their brochures and websites. But it is our annually published Folding Maps that boast the highest circulation, widest distribution and are most coveted by travellers.

These maps respect the needs of travelers. They are to-scale, incorporate topographic features and are offered free-of-charge. The maps themselves contain no paid content; revenue is generated by the ads that appear along the borders. RMV Folding Maps are intensively distributed on a continual basis at hotels, information centres, attractions, car rental agencies, shops and restaurants in their respective communities and beyond.

RMV Folding Maps are used extensively by sightseers, and outdoor enthusiasts who hike, cycle, cross-country ski and canoe. Roads, waterways, trails, viewpoints, picnic sites, attractions, campgrounds and other visitor amenities are clearly delineated. Included within these productions are large scale national park and regional maps as well as smaller scale maps of towns and downtown areas.

The Folding Maps are printed all color on heavyweight glossy stock, and are accordion and Z- folded to allow for easy unfolding and refolding. When folded, they are a convenient size for brochure racks and to be carried in a purse or pocket.


Notepad Maps

Notepad Maps

Banff edition 200,000 copies | Canmore edition 100,000 copies | Jasper edition 100,000 copies | Golden edition 37,500 copies | Kimberley & Cranbrook edition 37,500 copies | Radium, Invermere & Area edition 30,000 copies | Fernie & Area edition 10,000 copies

RMV Publications Ltd Notepad Maps are printed on uncoated offset (writing) paper that allows tourism industry professionals to easily draw routes or highlight destinations for visitors. Often referred to 'tear-off maps', they come in pads of 100 copies. This contributes to easy above or below counter storage and easy of use for service givers who counsel travellers.

A favourite at visitor information centres, hotel front desks and cashier desks at attractions, stores and restaurants, our Notepad Maps show town roads, waterways, trails and facilities. A limited number of ads finance these productions.

// Banff  
// Canmore  
// Jasper     
// Golden     


Impact! Brochures System

RMV Publications Ltd owns IMPACT! Brochure Systems. This Canmore based company operates its own 2400 square foot warehouse, truck fleet and rack network throughout the Bow Valley Corridor (Banff, Lake Louise, Canmore and Kananaskis). IMPACT! also has warehouses, contract staff and racks in Jasper and the BC Rockies (Hwy 93/95 corridor Golden to Cranbrook, and Hwy 3 corridor Cranbrook to Fernie). We work with Canpar to service other locations across Western Canada (and beyond).

IMPACT! Brochure Systems distributes RMV Publications Ltd/Where Canadian Rockies magazines, maps and dining guides as well free printed tourism materials for 50 other companies including Brewster, Discover Banff Tours, Banff Lake Louise Tourism Bureau and Tourism Canmore & Kananaskis. Over 1500 distribution locations are served—hotels, visitor information centres, attractions, car rental agencies, airports, train stations, shops, restaurants and many other locations travelers frequent.

High volume and targeted circulation of its publications is a principal reason why advertisers trust RMV Publications Ltd and Where Canadian Rockies to relay messages to their prospective customers.



Contract Publishing

RMV Publications Ltd produces display ads, brochures, maps, magazines, posters, websites and other products for third parties. Our services include copywriting, photo assembly, art and design, and print and online service brokerage.

Our clients include:

  • Tourism authorities such as Banff Lake Louise Tourism Bureaus, Tourism Canmore & Kananaskis and Kooteney Rockies Tourism
  • Government agencies such as Town of Banff, Canmore Nordic Centre, Canada Tourism Commission and Alberta Economic Development
  • Travel trades such as Skican, Inghams and Golf Canada West
  • Tourism companies such as Brewster, GPS Tour Guide and Alpine Helicopters

We invite businesses and not-for-profits to contact us with their project ideas.



Jack Newton

Jack Newton


Bachelor of Arts (History and English); Master of Business Administration (Marketing)

Role at RMV Publications Ltd
Jack is RMV's general manager with lead responsibility for strategic planning, finacial management, human resources, supplier relations, ad sales, contract publications, and publication content and construction. Jack is an RMV Publications Ltd shareholder.

Personal Interests
Jack enjoys international travel as well as outdoor activities such as downhill and cross-country skiing, cycling, canoeing and hiking. He and his wife Donna have three children, two of which are engineers working in Calgary (their youngest attends university).

Insight into Our Work
"Having a healthy stable of satisfied advertisers is essential to the financial success of our business. But readers are RMV's most important stakeholders. As such, we must avoid overly promotional editorial and instead load our publications and websites with reliable, insightful and detail-rich content that helps travellers have a great vacation."

Glenn Miles

Glenn Miles

Associate Publisher & Sales Manager

Bachelor of Arts (Recreation Administration)

Role at RMV Publications Ltd
Glenn directs RMV's ad sales and customer service initiatives, and assists the publisher in other aspects of company operations. Glenn is an RMV Publications Ltd shareholder.

Personal Interests
Glenn is a bicycle riding and racing enthusiast. He enjoys skiing (and served three years as president of the Kananaskis Alpine Ski Club), hiking, photography, gardening, canoeing, travelling, and good food and wine. Glenn is married with three children, all who share his zeal for skiing. His older kids are at university.

Insight into Our Work
"Helping customers get a good return on their advertising investment is the key to our company's success; this revenue supports the quality content and massive circulation of our publications. We achieve our goals through integrity and hard work, and never forget that our readers rely on our publications to make the most of their time in the mountains."

Warren Mackie

Warren Mackie

Circulation Manager & IMPACT! Brochure Systems General Manager

Bachelor of Business Management (Marketing)

Role at RMV Publications Ltd
Warren manages IMPACT! Brochure Systems, RMV's Canmore-based warehousing, circulation and racking company. His staff of five (plus contractors in Jasper and BC Rockies) service 1500 distribution locations for Where Canadian Rockies publications and over 50 other tourism clients. Warren is an RMV Publications Ltd shareholder.

Personal Interests
Warren maintains an active mountain lifestyle, focusing on downhill, backcountry and cross-country skiing, cycle touring and road riding, canoeing, camping, hiking and photography. Warren and his wife Caroline have two children, both in university.

Insight into Our Work
"It is great the we publish excellent tourism publications, but it is equally important to ensure that they are in stock in the right locations so visitors can easily access the information we provide."

Lisa Stephens

Afton Aikens

Writer, Editor & Communications Specialist

Bachelor of Journalism (Honours), Advanced Diploma in Public Relations

Role at RMV Publications Ltd
Afton writes, edits and sources photography for RMV's print and online publications. She keeps our social media feeds engaging. With five years of experience in communications and journalism, Afton has an affinity for copy editing and a keen editorial eye. She’s driven to share the stories of our mountain environment across multiple media platforms with those who are also eager to play or relax here.

Personal Interests
Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Afton is a Maritimer-turned-mountain-girl with an appetite for travel, whether overseas or in her own backyard. She has an enthusiasm for the Bow Valley community and exploring in the Rockies. When she’s not writing or chasing a story, she enjoys hiking, biking, skiing, yoga, photography, cooking and dining at the many delicious restaurants in the area.

Insight into Our Work
"With so much to see and do in the Rockies, our team thrives on sharing the insiders’ perspective with travellers. Our publications deliver compelling content for everyone from trailblazers seeking the mountain adventure they’ll talk about years from now…to wanderers looking to unwind, have a fantastic cultural and culinary experience and enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the landscape."

Armando Pastorin

Lyuba Kirkova

Art Director

Bachelor of Art & Design

Role at RMV Publications Ltd
Lyuba handles the design and visual communication side of our products and projects. She has seven years experience in the advertising and publishing industry, and a strong understanding of interactive user experiences, multi media and traditional print. She expertly balances design aesthetics with effective communication.

Personal Interests
Lyuba enjoys an active lifestyle in the mountains. When not at her computer moving pixels and planning the next big idea, she is in the backcountry seeking powder lines or new trails. She is passionate about big mountain skiing, mountain biking, hiking, traveling to distant lands, camping in the wild, windsurfing, winning at tennis, getting better at climbing or dancing to live music.

Insight into Our Work
“I am happy that we are able to provide travellers with great tools that help them enjoy and plan their adventures in the Canadian Rockies."

Caroline Cousins-Mackie

Caroline Cousins-Mackie


Bachelor of Business Management (Accounting)

Role at RMV Publications Ltd
Caroline is our part time company accountant. She handles our account payables and receivables, banking protocols and financial statements.

Personal Interests
Caroline likes to cook, entertain and keep active. She loves trail running (initially taking up the activity to train for a cancer fundraiser), and rides her bike all over Canmore and Banff. She travels—sea kayaking in Baha and cycling through Italy. Her two children currently attend university.

Insight into Our Work
"It is important to keep our books in order, invoice our clients punctually, and pay our staff and suppliers on a timely basis. Our quality publications and good business reputation can only be maintained if we have good cash flow."

At RMV Publications Ltd, employees enjoy a flexible working environment where they are respected and encouraged to create quality, functional products. Professional achievement and development is valued.






Canmore, Head Office | 403.678.1898


Jack Newton, Publisher | 403.678.1883 | Toll Free 1.800.668.6966

Glenn Miles, Advertising Sales Manager | 403.678.1868 | Toll Free 1.800.783.9009

Afton Aikens, Writer, Editor & Communications Specialist | 403.678.1898

Lyuba Kirkova, Art Director | 403.678.1882

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